17 – 19 June: 843 km from San Marino to Monte-Carlo passing through Sanremo


It is the first regularity competition for vehicles with alternative fuels and propulsion, which account in Italy for 8.33% of the motor vehicles in circulation


San Marino, 25 May 2016 – Less than a month is left before the starting gun for the first regularity rally devoted to vehicles fueled with alternative fuels and propulsion, the 11th Ecorally San Marino, Sanremo, Monte-Carlo. On 17 June the cars will depart from the home of Mount Titan, travel across Emilia and Liguria to proceed into France and the Principality of Monaco, where the competition ends on Sunday, 19 June, with the award ceremony.

Anyone can participate, but only with an eco-friendly car. Registrations are open from 25 May until 10 June. The website for the event – www.ecorally.eu – has the complete rules of the competition, the registration form and other information.

The types of propulsion allowed are those with low environmental impact: bifuel vehicles gasoline/LPG, and gasoline/CNG, but also diesel/gas, hybrid electrics and electrics with extended autonomy. The 100% electrics are not in competition: it has not been possible, so far, to ensure recharging on such a long route as this: 843 km.

The objective of the Ecorally is to contribute to the spread of low impact vehicles which, in Italy, account for 8.33% of the motor vehicles in circulation, out of a total of 37,351,233; there are 2,137,078 cars fueled with LPG (5.72%), 883,190 with LNG (2.36%), 82,381 gasoline hybrids (0.22%), 4,584 electrics (0.01%) and 2,957 diesel hybrids (0.01%), according to ACI data from 31 December 2015).

The San Marino Racing Organization, which organized the first Ecorally San Marino in 2006, recalls that the competition, regulated b the F.I.A. (International Automobile Federation), is also open to prototypes, if duly licensed and approved for circulation on roads open to the public. Auto sports events have always been the ideal place to test new technologies, considering their innovative nature. So this competition is open to cars fueled with biomethane, biofuels and hydrogen.

The 11th Ecorally San Marino, Sanremo, Monte-Carlo will also be flanked, as it is every year, by the eighth edition of Ecorally Press, reserved for journalists, accompanied also this year by Easy Driver, the famous program about cars broadcast by Rai 1.

Among the professionals of automobile racing, some new drivers will participate for the first time in the Ecorally, for example the driver of the Alfa Mito Quadrifoglio Verde 1.4 turbo 170 CV fueled with gasoline/LPG, for the Punto Gas team, will be young Jacopo Lombardelli, who has participated successfully in the last three editions of the Alternative Energies Championship Green Hybrid Cup.

The trophies – The 11th San Marino, Sanremo, Monte-Carlo Ecorally will give competitors the opportunity to acquire points valid for the FIA title for Pilots and Co-pilots for the category VII&VIII+IIIA, as well as the FIA title reserved for the automakers. The competition is also valid for the Italian Regularity Championship for Alternative and Renewable Energies. The 8th Ecorally Press, in collaboration with Consorzio Ecogas and Assogasliquidi, with technical partners Energas, Lampogas and Zetagas, rewards the first three classified in the medium category and will assign the Nello Rosi Trophy, in collaboration with Unione Gas Auto, My En and Ecomobile. As every year, the first women’s team will be awarded the Coppa delle Dame; and the first San Marino team classified will win a special trophy in collaboration with Banca Cis.

The program – From San Marino to Monte-Carlo passing through Sanremo, along a route that will have several legs going through the Motor Valley of gas for autos in the Emilia-Romagna Region, and will visit several companies that have contributed to the history of LPG and LNG. In addition, four constant speed trials will be held along the traces of the Rally of San Marino and Sanremo. After the technical inspections on Friday morning at the Vacation Village San Marino, the first car will start at 1:01 pm. There will be three regularity trials at constant speed before reaching the A14 toward Forlì, transiting by Zannoni Carburanti, with two pressure hoses on the way. They will then proceed toward Bologna, where the pressure hoses are located at Sprint Gas and Tartarini Auto. In the Modena area there will be a passage by the distributor Unione Gas Auto in Vignola, where the competitors can fill up with LPG, and in Maranello, with control of passage and a stamp in front of the Ferrari plant. Last stop of the day at Corte Tegge (Re): The pressure hoses are located at the Landi Renzo establishment. At the end of the day there will be a dinner and teams will stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Parma. On Saturday 18 the first two legs with pressure hoses will be at Lampogas and Bianconese di Fontevivo and at Socogas in Fidenza, then the tour of the castles of Parma and Piacenza. In this section there will be two pressure hoses at Vigoleno Castle, then between Agazzano Castle and the one at Castelnovo, where there will also be a constant speed regularity trial. Arrival at the Castle of Sarmato for lunch, then motorway to Imperia with refills of LPG and LNG. After that, there will be two regularity trials at constant speed before reaching Sanremo, the arrival point of the second day, followed by dinner and lodging at the Hotel Bobby Executive. On Sunday 19 the teams will leave Sanremo for Ventimiglia, Olivetta (border crossing) and Castellar, in France, where the service station at La Carel will perform the final fuel check, then Mentone. Last lap to Monte-Carlo for lunch and awards.

The San Marino Ecorally is held with the sponsorship of the Ministry for the Environment and Safeguard of the Territory and the Sea of the Italian Republic, and of the Secretary of State for the Territory and Environment and Secretary of State for Sports of the Republic of San Marino, and with the collaboration of Uiga – the Italian Union of Automotive Journalists.

It has a large number of technical partners, including Friulana Gas, which made available cars and eco-friendly fuels, locations and structures. Punto Gas and Slime are the suppliers of the antipuncture kits given to all the teams. Drivers will toast the Ecorally with non-alcoholic wine produced by Princess of Lavis, Trento.

Technical and regulatory management will be by F.A.M.S. (the Federation of Auto Motorists of San Marino) through its Rally Officials; chronometric measurements are by the F.S.Cr. (the San Marino Timers Federation).